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4 in 1 Multi-Functional Mop

4 in 1 Multi-Functional Mop

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  • 4 in 1 Multi-Functional Mop - It can be used as a broomdry mopwet mop, and window cleaner.
  • Microfiber flat mop head, use advanced production technology, soft, lint-free, clean strong, scratch-resistant and prevent odor or mildew.
  • This design prevents you from using a dirty wet mop repeatedly. The water cannot get outside the bucket.
  • Unique 360 degree rotation structure design, you can easily move to the narrow environmental and remove the corner stains.
  • Self-cleaning Mop: A two grooved bucket allows you to wet and dry your mop easily, it makes sure that the dirt from your floor is lifted away and never comes back.



  1. Open the bucket lid, fill the wash side.
  2. Insert the mop vertically up and down.
  3. Open the lid from side after use.
  4. Pour out the dirty water by dragging out the rubber plug.
  5. Put the lid back on top of the mop.



  • Extension length: 128cm
  • Material: ABS
  • Mop rod load: less than 10KG
  • Dehydration rate: <80%
  • Mop material: superfine fiber



  • 1x Mop
  • 1x Bucket
  • Micro-Fiber Pads