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Basketball Shooting Hand Trainer

Basketball Shooting Hand Trainer

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Gives you that secret and theconfidence to shoot like a pro.

Almost every coach in the world tells their players that only their finger pads and fingertips should be on the ball when shooting. In order to be a good and accurate shooter, the ball should stay completely off of your palm. The reason? It helps maximize control of the ball and get a good feel for the shot. If you want to improve shooting accuracy and ball control then Basketball Shooting Hand Trainer is what you need! It is the best basketball-shooting device designed to improve your shot.


  • Help develop a one-handed catch with the offhand just providing stability and balance in catching the ball.
  • A better rotation on the shot will result in more shots bouncing in instead of flying out.
  • With muscle memory, over time, you can wear the strapless and less until you're just using it for a few minutes a day to reinforce that perfect form.


  • This shooting hand trainer spreads your fingers apart equally for a wider grip.
  • Wider grip = More control of the ball.
  • More control of the ball = Improved shooting percentage. 


  • Your shot will improve within 15 minutes of trying this tool due to the amount of sensory input being received.
  • It gives the shooter the best chance of making the shot with all the benefits you need
  • Improve your shooting percentage, you'll be amazed by your new shooting accuracy


  • Take on and off in 1 minute.
  • All you have to do is put on the easy to wear hand trainer and start shooting.
  • No more shooting with the fingers too close together or changing finger position on the release of the shot.