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Mini 17-Key Kalimba

Mini 17-Key Kalimba

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Have you ever thought of playing the piano using your thumb?

Key into your piano anywhere, anytime!

Strum rich and relaxing melodies with this Mini 17-Key Kalimba!

Known as an African instrument, this thumb piano offers an enjoyable and pleasing playing experience.

Mini 17-Key Kalimba

…a modern-day version with rows of metal tines

…handy and easier to master

…has built-in pickup with 6.35mm End-pin Jack

…includes 11 Demo Songs

…is pre-tuned and ready to use

…made from high-quality solid wood

Playing this will give you skills and musical knowledge.

  • It can be played on its own or used to add flavor to compositions.
  • It creates amazing sound even without any music basis.
  • Produces rhythmic tones and soothing sounds

A great option for beginners

It’s an essential instrument for music lovers, creators, and producers.

The music box on the tip of your finger!

Bag yourself an inexpensive quality instrument and buy the Mini 17-Key Kalimba NOW. 


Material: Walnut, Solid Wood

Number of Keys: 17

Polyphony: 32

Size: 18cm x 13cm x 3.5cm

Package Inclusion/s: 1pc. Mini 17-Key Kalimba