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Mr. Fixer Windshield Repair Kit

Mr. Fixer Windshield Repair Kit

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Driving with a cracked windshield?

You don’t have time to go the garage because you’re too busy…

your insurance agency doesn’t want to cover the $400 repair costs

We understand your frustrations, but do you understand the risks?

Driving with a cracked windshield: 
 Comprimises the integrity of your windshield
– Can cause unrepairable damage
– Is extremely dangerous in case of an accident

If you own a car, then you need this.


Our Windshield Repair Kit allows anyone to fix cracks or chips in windshieldssafely, easily and inexpensively, before those little cracks become bigger. This amazing kit includes everything needed to create a quality repair.

Your windshield is an extremely important feature of your car. It’s not just a way to keep insects and dirt away; it also helps keep you safe. It’s made of two distinct pieces of glass separated by a PVB layer that “glues” them together. Without this resin, a shattered windshield mean certain injury in the event of a crash. But even though it’s such a crucial component, many drivers don’t know about windshield replacement and damage.

Did you know?

By postponing the repair of your windshield that little star might turn into a big unrepairable crack real fast? It could end up looking like this anytime soon

Postponing repair can also be the catalist for unsafe and hazardous situations during traffic. Something you should try to avoid at all times.

Researched and developed by German engineers

One little ding or crack may not seem like an emergency situation to you. But it’s reason to take measures ASAP. Even a tiny amount of damage can have a significant impact on your windshield’s integrity. And if you’re in a crash, the results could be disastrous. This is the reasons engineers have come up with a solution so consumers can affordably and quickly perform a high quality repair on their windshields.

Mr.Fixer Windshield Repair Kit

Repairs all damages

The Mr.Fixer Windshield Repair Kit can be used to repair starshorseshoes and bullseye cracks on your windshield or carwindows. All in a matter of minutesQuickeasy and affordable.

 Easy to use-takes only minutes
 Repairs all types of laminated windshields
✔ Minimizes the appearance of chips and cracks, and stops them from spreading
✔ Advanced resin formula
 Good for multiple repairs

Stop waiting and postponing.
Buy yours now!