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Strongest Aluminium Alloy Mobile Phone Stand - 360° Rotation

Strongest Aluminium Alloy Mobile Phone Stand - 360° Rotation

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Never Worry About Your Phone Again While Riding
Where do you place your phone while you're riding?
  • In a Backpack ?
  • In Your Pocket?
There are many ways to store your phone while riding but to be honest, almost all of them make it hard to reach out to your phone in case to check out Maps, GPS, music etc.
So, we came out with a simple solution, a Phone Mount, we made it better than most of the phone mounts in the market. We made it by using full stainless steel in order to hold your phone securely while you're riding. Your phone will never come off the phone mount while you're riding.
We also made it 360 degree rotatable, so that you can use your GPS, Music or tracking app in either vertically or horizontally. That's super cool right!
Why make your next ride uncomfortable when you don't have to
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  • All Metal Construction - No Cheap Plastic

    • 360 degree rotation giving you the best view of your phone

      • Indestructible & Anti Theft

      • Fits most phone, ranging from 55 mm - 100 mm wide 

      Most of the phones out there can be fitted on our Bikering phone mount. Your phone will be protected too as there's an anti scratch.
      • Everything Included to Install

      All the parts for the handlebars mount are included, you don't have to waste any extra time and money buying or finding the parts. It's all included in the package to fit around handlebars from 7/8 - 1 1/4 inches.
      • Super Easy to Install

      Installed in minutes - It's one screw and everything is included right down to the Allen key.
      • Keep your phone in view 

      Decide if you want to answer the phone when you're riding, at least you know someone is calling you in case of anything emergency, often times people just put their phone in the bag and not noticing it until they reach their destination. So, you can either ignore the call or pull over to take that important phone call.
      • Compatible with Motorcycles, Scooters, ATVS Bicycles, and E-Bikes 

      Bikering phone mount can be fitted on Motorcycles, bicycles, scooters, E-bikes and even your ATVs. As long as the vehicle has round handlebars between 7/8- 11/4 inch diameter.
      Summarize (SPEC):
      • Fits phones up to 100 mm wide 
      • 360 degree turn radius 
      • Sits 2 inches off your handlebars freeing up valuable space
      • All metal construction provides excellent durability
      • Easy to install – its just one screw
      • Tool included for installation
      • Will not scratch your bike or phone
      • Fits securely on your handlebars
      • Fits round handlebars with 7/8 inch, 1 inch, or 1 ¼ inch diameter bars
      • Compatible with Motorcycles, Scooters, Bicycles, and E-Bikes 
      *Tools are included in the package.