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Wireless Touch Mouse Laser Pointer

Wireless Touch Mouse Laser Pointer

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The Lenovo N700 is a modern device for modern users. It not only acts as a mouse but also works like a projector remote and a laser pointer

The outer shell of this device is an outcome of pure innovation. Earlier, I did not even think that a mouse could feature such a unique design. It feels more like a modular robot of the 22nd century. In the remote mode, the N700 appears to be a simple bar shape gadget with a couple of buttons at the top. To use it as a mouse, the users will have to rotate the bottom half, which gives the whole setup an inverted V-shape look.



✔✔ The distinctively-designed Dual Mode Wireless Touch Mouse N700 is truly unique.

✔✔ Thin, light, and easy to use, it switches seamlessly from a mouse to a laser pointer for your presentations.

✔✔ More than Just a Mouse: As mentioned in the above lines, this Lenovo mouse offers features like projector remote and laser pointer. This functionality makes it quite attractive to people who have to give frequent presentations. The N700 sports a touch panel and is compatible with Windows devices. Moreover, the Windows button at the center acts as a shortcut and makes it much easy for the users to switch between apps.


✔✔ It's perfect for mobile professionals who work on a laptop and/or a multi-mode device.

✔✔ Dual Connectivity: Users can connect this mouse with computers either via Bluetooth 4.0  or By using the unifying receiver that comes along. I would recommend you to go with the first option because the Bluetooth version 4.0 helps in saving power.

✔✔ The dual mode Bluetooth and 2.4G wireless connection allows you to easily switch between two PCs. Compact and portable

Dual wireless connectivity to freely switch between two PCs

✔✔ Snappy and Accurate: As per my opinion, Lenovo has made the N700 mouse for office computers. Its optical system has a resolution of 1200 DPI and gives decent accuracy. The mouse registers click really fast and thus is good for heavy usage

✔✔ Tens of thousands of simulation experience. The golden section point and beveling angle grip comfort and maneuverability according to human engineering, long held never tired

✔✔ 180-degrees rotatable hinge to easily switch between mouse and presenter modes

✔✔ When the N700 flat on the desktop,the mouse will automatically enter the deep sleep state, intelligent power saving, the battery can be used for more than 1 years


  • Series: N700
  • Wireless: Yes
  • Color: Black/Orange
  • Transmission Mode: 2.4G/BT4.0 Dual Mode
  • Interface: USB/Wireless Bluetooth
  • Mouse Mode: Photoelectric
  • Mouse Resolution: 1200dpi
  • Number of Keys: 2
  • Ergonomics: Yes
  • Mouse Size: 105*60*15mm
  • Features: Dual Mode Touch Control

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